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Casino Cleaning Protocols

Bio-Stop all purpose cleaner contains 70% alcohol with a proprietary plant surfactant. This plant surfactant increases the products effectiveness in cleaning, covering more areas and not wasting product. Bio-Stop all purpose cleaner gives you the most in product coverage by staying on the surface area which it is applied.

Benefits to ethyl 70% alcohol

The excellence of your facility is built on client trust, return visits, sustainability and compliance. Bio-Stop is a safe, clean, and comfortable way to show your value and your work to the customers and people that rely on you.

Employees are more productive and customers keep coming back! With more than 35 years of experience in environmental cleaning and facility solutions. Bio-Stop is the only way to protect and clean your building. Bio-Stop protects a facilities’ assets, enhances employee productivity, and brings customers back to a safe environment.

Our “Casino “Bio-Stop” Human touch points protocol,” maximizes health and safety of the staff, returning customers and public. It is enhanced cleaning, on the go safety to reducing risk and stabilizing critical infrastructure. “Casino “Bio-Stop” Human touch points protocol focuses on the right amount of routine cleaning, with a focal point on high-touch surfaces and common areas using 70% alcohol base products that meet CDC guidelines.

Don’t Bet


Slot Machine- High frequency clean areas

Extensive employee protocols in using Bio-Stop to clean several important parts on every slot machine
  1. Reels (stepper reels) (xtra reels Big Bertha) -symbols rotate
  2. Pay-lines & Pay-Table – center of the slot machine
  3. Slots Lever – located on left side of every slot machine
  4. Play buttons – Clean and wipe all human touch buttons
    • a. Spin reels button to start action
    • b. Play max credits/bet max coins
    • c. Play two credits/play three credits
    • d. Play one credit
    • e. Cash out button
    • f. Change button
    • g. Service button
  5. The displays – located on front ( credit played or coins played)
    • a. Lines played
    • b. Bet per line
    • c. Credits bet
    • d. Winner paid
    • e. credits
  6. Top Signage or name of game – top of slot machine
  7. Slot Chair – entire chair
  8. Coin Tray – bottom of the machine

Roulette Table- High frequency clean areas

Extensive employee protocols in using Bio-Stop to clean several important parts on every roulette table
  1. Bowl & wheelhand base (bowl rim)- made of woodor wood paneling
    • a. ball track- consists of track lip
    • b. Diamond (ball deflector)
    • c. Frets-pocket separators (consists of brass/aluminum)(ball pockets)
    • d. lower ball track with ball deflectors
    • e. rotor (cone)
    • f. spindle (turret)& lower bearing
    • g. Bowl (bottom)
  2. Security Shield
  3. Token Box
  4. Drop box
  5. Outside Rail
  6. Chairs

Blackjack, Pai Gow, and Other Table Games ( High frequency clean areas )

Extensive employee protocols in using Bio-Stop to do frequent cleaning on every table game.

1. Chips try
2. Currency slot

3. Shoe with cards
4. Outside rail

5. Chairs

Bio-Stop has over 35 years of environmental experience and strategic and operational leadership in infectious disease cleaning and assessment. We have constructed a protocol with medical experts to develop a plan that will welcome casino staff & customers back safely.






Contains 70% Alcohol


Used for Homes and Offices


Fully Biodegradable


Sold in 1 GL and 5 GL Containers


Dries Quickly on Surfaces

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